inspired by 90s models off-duty outfits

Our ethos

"Shop sustainably.
Love, reuse, recycle"

Here at Wander and About we do fashion the sustainable way: by curating vintage and quality second-hand pieces.

We take pride in being circular, minimizing our water and energy consumption altogether.

We aim at challenging disposable fashion by highlighting the attractiveness of vintage apparel through modern styling.
Our goal is to connect with individuals who feel the same way. People who love fashion and want to feel good about it. People who are changing the game; one thrifted garment at a time, as they turn down on ephemeral fashion and its consequences: overproduction, environmental pollution, social inequalities…
We're in this together.

Furthermore, at Wander and About our commitment applies to all aspects of our daily operation.


R E S P O N S I B L E    S O U R C I N G

Our commitments:

- we choose one by one each and every item available online. These are pieces we love, knowing you will love them too; we are connected

- no buying in bulk as it doesn't align with our vision and how we want to operate business

- we source locally or when travelling

- we may source from a distance, but we try to avoid that option as much as possible

- we sell vintage items with synthetic or natural fibers (cotton, wool, leather...). Both have their pros and cons in regards of environmental or ethical stance.
When washing apparel with synthetic fibers we couldn't encourage you enough to use a filter as to avoid microfiber dispersion in the water.

Next step:

- compensating our carbon footprint, generated to ship orders, by donating 2% of our monthly profit to environmental projects. When this will be in place, selected organizations will be announced on our Instagram page.


S U S T A I N A B L E    P A C K A G I N G

Our commitments:

- we use recyclable cardboard boxes and biodegradable envelopes to ship your orders

- we wrap your vintage finds in recycled silk paper

- we use fully recyclable and biodegradable jute cord in order to secure your parcel during shipment

- our "thank you" cards are also made with 100% recycled materials.

We try to avoid plastic as much as we can; whether when sourcing new items or operating the shop.
This translates by bringing in reusable containers for water, buying food in bulk, veggie and sometimes vegan dishes, using reusable shopping bags...
Unfortunately, when shipping outside Europe where we are based, carriers make it mandatory to use plastic enveloppes to secure customs' documents.


P H O T O S    A N D    M O D E L S

Our commitments:

- to never retouch the body of our models. We only edit from an overall exposure and texture perspective

- we value diversity and hope to work with more models of different ethnicities, sizes and shapes in a near future.