inspired by 90s models off-duty outfits



Wander and About curates with a contemporary point of view, vintage and pre-loved finds. 

We aim at replacing the urge towards disposable fashion with clothes that stand the test of time.
We are circular. We do fashion sustainably and proudly, minimizing production waste and resources.

Garments are sourced with the intent of being treasured throughout the years.
So whether you're a groovy babe in love with the 70's or a minimalist 90's kid, you will find vintage gems that will let you create timeless and unapologetically YOU outfits.
It's our mission and we're here to connect with modern nostalgics who feel the same way.

Selections are available exclusively throughout our website.  
Drops occur on designated Tuesdays; subscribe to our mailing list to shop before everyone else.

Based in Paris, France, we ship (almost) worldwide.

Come wander with us!
Love, reuse, recycle.