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VINTAGE TALKS #8 ... with @bohemegoods

Bonjour everyone!

Vintage Talks #8 here!
For this new episode, I will be chatting with vintage muse Sarah Shabacon of Bohème

This modern Lauren Hutton is the ultimate soulpreneur; transforming her long-life passion into a dream career. Bohème started both as a vintage curation of her mind and an extension of her personal style. A warm and sunny online destination filled with the most exquisite 1970s-esque finds.
When it comes to collecting vintage, you can feel the sentimental approach she puts into it. Every item being perfectly handpicked and having lived many lives prior to that.

Today Bohème is growing as an ethical and inclusive fashion label with in-house collections.
Think effortless pieces with vintage accents, made in the most calming earth tones.
And in the midst of this thriving business, Sarah is still keeping it real.
Yes, she keeps it real when it comes to embracing herself fully and wholeheartedly.
She keeps it real when it comes to love, family and parenting (she's a mother of two); but also when it comes to standing up for important causes close to her heart (BLM, equal rights, environmental protecting...).

Always carrying around her authentic and nostalgic boheme vibe.
So please welcome to the warm and captivating world of Madame Shabacon.


1. Hello Sarah! So thrilled to be doing this new “Vintage Talks” with you today! I have been following your journey for quite some time now and I’m literally in awe of your work. Could you share with us the story of Bohème. What inspired you to start?

I started Bohème after I found myself spending more time in thrift shops than working on my hair accessories label I owned at the time. It was something that was exciting and always new each time I went out and most importantly I was able to bring my sons with me who were just 1 and 2 at the time. As I evolved my business evolved with me into what it is today.


2. Who is the Bohème woman?

She is free in her confidence that the only person she dresses for is herself and that staple items that are classic are necessary.


3. Bohème is no longer just vintage. It has now its own in-house line too. What was the process? What criteria do you have in mind when designing the pieces?

 I wanted to create silhouettes that would be comfortable, timeless and chic.

4. Now let’s talk about your personal style. Where does your love for vintage come from?

I grew up spending my weekends at vintage shops with my mum and in highschool I would go with my friends after school and spend hours looking around, spending all my allowance.


5. Do you have any fashion icons (past or present)? 

Jane Birkin and so many French girls, style is something that is undeniably best done by the French so I love the classic aesthetic that can be updated no matter the era.

6. What advice would you give to someone on curating his or her authentic vintage style?

Invest in good basics - a good coat for the season, trousers that you have altered to your body - this is my biggest recommendation for someone looking to curate and build their wardrobe.


7. Ok now I want you to picture yourself in the vintage store of your dreams. You have 30 minutes to shop whatever you like. With what pieces do you come out of it?

Oh girl, the amount of dreams I have had where this happens haha. I imagine I would come out with some super soft tee’s and a really, really great pair of sailor trousers.


8. What sparks your creativity and keeps you in motion?

My sons!  For them, getting dressed is this way of showcasing their mood, their confidence and their style. I like to re-imagine things constantly like a child does.

9. How do you balance your personal life, motherhood and having a booming business online? How do you tackle the hardest parts?

I honestly cannot balance it all and the most important thing in becoming okay with that was accepting that one area will always need work but cannot exist without the other.


10. What are your plans for the upcoming months?

I am working on a few new designs for the Spring/Summer months, and some exciting new collaboration with fellow designers.

Et voilà!
Hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did.
At times it felt like immersing ourselves into the dashing and liberating 70's.

Don't forget to follow Sarah online:
Instagram: @bohemegoods 

Stay tuned for our next journal entry!
And in the meantime, you can have a look at our newest vintage arrivals.


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