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VINTAGE TALKS #7 ... with @esosavstheworld

Bonjour everyone and welcome to Vintage Talks #7!

Our guest today is Esosa, @esosavstheworld on Instagram.
Esosa is pure poetry; her sculptural beauty gives her the presence of a modern deity.
She's driven by art, words, emotions and simplicity; and scrolling through her feed full of delicacy is oh so refreshing. It's like taking a stroll through the most exquisite landscape.

You are alternately moved by her thoughts, her visual stories and her unparalleled style. She's living proof that one should never underestimate the power of simplicity, especially when it comes in the form of vintage.
Neutral calming hues and raw basics are part of her aesthetics.
And she successfully managed to pour that same magic into @we_are_sai, her vintage shop, a curated expression of her love for second-hand fashion.

With all this, I couldn't help but wanting to know her better.
Esosa kindly took a moment to share with me her passion for fashion, her best thrifting tips and her values.

I am so happy you'll get to discover this pure moment just below ✨✨.

Keep reading!

  1. Hello Esosa! I’m so thrilled to have you here on this new episode of “Vintage Talks”! First, I will let you introduce yourself.

 Hello! I’m Esosa, I’m a recent graduate, blogger, content creator, advocate for sustainability and the owner of Sai – an online shop selling curated vintage and secondhand clothing.


  1. Where does your love for vintage come from?

For a long time, it was the pride in knowing no one else had the pieces I had; I couldn’t stand how fast fashion made us all look the same. I’ve since gotten over that childish frustration and I now love vintage for the chase and thrill of finding something so beautiful unexpectedly when rummaging through the rails!


  1. Your style is very sleek, minimalist and oh I just love it! What would be your favorite outfit combo?

Thank you and oh this is easy! A ribbed vest, high waisted straight leg suit trousers with either boots or trainers and a simple gold or silver chain. I think about this outfit everyday sighhh. I am it and it is me. We are one. Haha

  1. What’s the oldest piece in your closet and how do you style it? What is the fondest memory you have around it?

Ooo, I think my oldest piece I still own is the white summer midi dress with little purple flowers.  The top part has that ruched, drawstring milkmaid style look and I’ve probably worn it every summer for the past 6 years with my now broken Converse high-tops.

My fondest memory with the dress isn’t particularly nice because it was when an old lady stopped me to tell me my dress looked like lingerie and went off laughing to herself. At first, I thought it was a compliment but later realised it wasn’t and considered donating it for a while. I didn’t and other people have complimented me on it many times since then 😊.

  1. You’re the owner of @we_are_sai an online vintage clothing store. Can you tell us more about it?

From as young as 13, I knew I wanted to sell secondhand clothes online. I started Sai I think for three reasons, as a form of escapism (it got me through my uni finals), out of frustration of not seeing things my style being sold affordably, consistently and in one place. Thirdly, when I wear the kinds of clothes I sell, I truly feel like I am operating as my highest self and in my highest form. I want people, women especially, to feel the way I feel – empowered.

Sai is definitely based on my style and aesthetic but it’s separate in the sense that Sai exists in a world where every day is summer because that’s the season I feel most like myself. The aesthetic is everything elegant, feminine, powerful and goddess-like while still being tethered to the modern day. I try to curate clothes for an endless summer.

  1. What is the thrifted item you are the most proud of? Also, do you have a vintage/second-hand piece you’re dying to get your hands on?

I always say it’s the Nike AF1’s I snagged for £35 after seeing it in the window one day. They are so unique and I’m yet to see anyone with this pair / design. Downside is I think they are actually men’s trainers because the fit is awkward, so I hardly wear them ☹️.

I’m dying to get my hands on the perfect slip dress, something vintage and high quality so that I can keep it forever.


  1. Can you share with us some of your tips on how one can find her own personal style when thrifting? Especially how to avoid buying everything just because it’s pretty.

Pinterest! Pinterest all the way! It has helped me manage what I like and changed with me as I’ve grown into or out of a particular style. Ask yourself, if you had to get rid of everything else, would you keep this?  

The other thing I’d say is that finding your style doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t be afraid to go with flow of whatever takes your interest. There’s no point hanging on to something you’ve out grown, just keep an eye out for what’s next.

  1. What are 3 of your favorite brick and mortar vintage shops?

We don’t really have any vintage shops in my town only charity (thrift) shops. My favourites are Barnardo’s, Age Concern and Marie Curie.


  1. What values in life and mantra do you stand by?

I’m not sure I have just one because as I learn and hear new things, I take them on board but lately “take what you need and GO” or “you get what you tolerate” have been consistently relevant.


  1. What are your plans for the upcoming months?

I’m really using December to set goals, draw up plans and start acting on them for 2021. I’m getting my ducks in a row as it were and doing everything I can to make 2021 a success covid or no covid.

J'adore! Love this attitude

Well, I hope you enjoyed Esosa's energy as much as I did.

Make sure you follow her on social media too:
Personal handle: @esosavstheworld
Vintage shop handle: @we_are_sai

And please stay tuned for our next Vintage Talks

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