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VINTAGE TALKS #6 ... with @sylviemus_

Bonjour everyone!

Welcome to our sixth "Vintage Talks".
For this new episode I had the pleasure to interview freelance stylist and fashion consultant Sylvie Mus.

Sylvie is a former fashion model based between Paris and Helsinki.
To me, she's literally "the girl with the good basics". Her style is the epitome of versatile and has this perfect balance between chic, effortless and confortable.

There is such a timelessness emanating from her outfit pics that it makes you wonder when exactly they have been shot; was it in 1996 outside that Calvin Klein show or just two days ago?
Her Instagram profile will make any 90's fashion lover's heart skip a beat. Scrolling through it is like taking a stroll through minimalist fashion and neutral tones paradise. Think perfectly tailored suits, well-fitted tank tops, well-worn denim and nicely oversized blazers.

She sports a lot of vintage, worn the modern way.
In short, Sylvie has the potential to make any fast-fashion lover rethink the potential of minimalist vintage fashion altogether.

Read on to discover more about her. Get ready to be inspired!

1. Hello Sylvie, I’m so grateful to have you as our new guest on “Vintage Talks”! Before talking vintage fashion, style and creativity, I will let you introduce yourself.

I’m a stylist, consultant and creative director, currently in Helsinki. In addition to my love of fashion I’m really into mindfulness and positive energy!


2. Minimalist, versatile and timeless, your style is always so impeccable! We just LOVE it. Can you share with us some tips on how one can find her own personal style? Especially when curating vintage.
How was the journey for you? We’re so eager to know.

When I was younger I was so experimental with my style and I would pick elements from every trend I liked and try to make it my own. Eventually I started prioritizing better quality and comfort and I started gravitating towards a more timeless aesthetic that didn’t depend on trends.

I have color and silhouette preferences, but if I feel like introducing a new element to my style, I do. I’m not strict with my style and I don’t follow any “style rules”. This is how I allow my style to evolve naturally.

When it comes to curating a good wardrobe I have 3 tips:
- Prioritize versatile pieces which can be worn in many seasons and many outfits.
- Only stock your wardrobe with absolute favorites which you love rewearing.
- Avoid impulse buys and shopping for one specific look, these items usually end up in the back of your closet.


3. You work as a stylist in an industry that praises novelty and constant reinvention in one’s personal style.
How do you stay the course and continue to value vintage, timeless pieces, in tune with your aesthetics?

I think it’s quite easy to stay the course when you really know what you want, and the type of aesthetic that really speaks to you.

This takes time to figure out! But I’ve learned that in the long run, staying true to your signature style and your values is more beneficial than being all over the place and trying to be something for everyone. You won’t be working with every brand or get every job or client, but the ones you do get will be the ones who value your aesthetic and really get it.

4. You really have an eye for vintage. What would be your most cherished item?

My most cherished vintage item is a brown leather purse from the 60’s which I found in a small boutique here in Helsinki. It’s in such good condition and it’s very timeless!


5. What is your all-time favorite outfit combo?

Either an all black mens suit or my go-to look: an oversize blazer, white t shirt, blue jeans and black heels.


6. You live between Helsinki,Finland and Paris, France. Can you share with us your 3 favorite places to score vintage finds?

I always find good vintage in UFF in Helsinki and Episode in Paris. And for designer vintage I love the selection at Farfetch!

7. Which vintage campaign and/or runway show is your favorite?

The Calvin Klein runways from 1994 to 2002 are my all time favorites!
They played a really big role in shaping my style and I still get a lot of inspiration from them to this day.


8. What are your plans/projects for the upcoming months?

One of my plans for the end of the year is to fully move to Paris. Very excited about that!


Et voilà!
Hope you enjoyed Sylvie's take on vintage fashion and style as much as I did!
More especially I hope you're growing all the more convinced that when it comes to personal style the saying " buy less, buy better" really goes a long way!

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