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VINTAGE TALKS #5 ... with @lovejuliamarie

Bonjour everyone!

Welcome to our (already!) fifth "Vintage Talks".
For this brand new episode, I'm so pumped to introduce San Francisco Bay Area-based sweetheart Julia Marie Chan. Julia is a literal sunshine who has the most beaming smile ever!

I discovered her Instagram page @lovejuliamarie couple months ago and was immediately hooked on her laid-back style, which is the perfect blend between 90's urban vibe with a little bit of sweet inside, all the while being sprinkled with a pinch of sass.

She personifies the kind of fashion that here at Wander and About we like.
Julia also manages the Instagram account @love.vintageshop where she curates unique vintage gems thanks to her fine eye and taste in that department.

Continue reading to discover more about her through the lens of vintage and sustainable fashion.

1. Hello Julia, I’m so glad to have you here for this new “Vintage talks” portrait! I cannot wait to learn more about you! But first I’ll let you introduce yourself.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be on your blog!
My name is Julia, I’m 23 from South San Francisco, CA.

I work full-time in the HR Department at a biotech company, but in my free time I love to thrift, come up with outfits and style my friends.
I love shopping at vintage stores because it is a great place to find high-quality items at a great price and have a positive impact on the environment by reusing.
Lots of my friends have asked where I go thrifting and love the items I pick up.

This is why I started selling vintage pieces on Instagram and Depop @love.vintageshop. Check me out on my socials @lovejuliamarie for styling tips, hauls and DIY ideas.


2. Where does your love for vintage come from? 

My love for vintage comes from my father.

As a kid, he would always take us to the local Goodwill and thrift stores to look for home goods and clothes.
At the time, I did not understand the amazing deals that could be found at these stores and the positive environmental impact it could have. As I got older, thrifting has become my main passion. I get so excited when I can find a good deal on a high-quality piece, while being sustainable!


3. How would you describe your style? And what is your favorite outfit combo?

I would describe my style as streetwear chic.
I love to play around with different looks from sporty to business casual.

My favorite outfit combos would have to be a baggy athletic pant and crop top or biker shorts with an oversized jacket or shirt. I love to play with proportions, while staying as comfy and chic as possible.

4. What trend/or piece from the past have you rediscovered thanks to vintage and that you love the most?

I think the trend that I gravitate towards the most are chunky sneakers and oversized and graphic outerwear. Since I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where it’s usually cold, I love picking up stand-out outerwear from leather to animal prints to sportswear.


5. What would be your 3 vintage must-haves?

I always find the best and high-quality blazers and leather jackets from thrift stores. When I enter  a vintage shop, I have to check-out the purse section and look for trendy/designer bags. Additionally, I have to complete every look with some sort of sunglasses, whether it be small cat-eyes or big 2000’s-esque shades.


6. What pieces or era do you find yourself naturally gravitating towards?

Being that I was born in the 90’s, I’d say I gravitate towards the 90s and early 2000s era.
I love all the eclectic accessories and patterns that come from those eras, like the sunglasses and bucket hands to animal prints and sportswear.

7. You live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tell us about the vintage scene over there; what are 3 of your favorite brick and mortar vintage shops?

The vintage scene over here is great!
Lots of people shop for vintage stuff over here, so it could be quite a challenge, but a good tip is to just go often. I tend to shop at stores more like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Savers.


8. What are your plans for the upcoming months?

In the next few months, I plan to create content on IG reels and Youtube to share styling tips, thrift hauls and DIY projects.

I am currently renovating two rooms in my house, so I will be thrifting for a lot of home goods. Also, two of my close friends have asked for my help to revamping their wardrobe, so I can’t wait to be their personal shopper.

Other than that, I will continue to stay up on fashion trends and share any of my vintage finds on my social @lovejuliamarie and @love.vintageshop.


Et voilà!
Hope you enjoyed Julia's vibe and take on vintage fashion as much as I did.

Make sure you follow her too on social media:
Personal handle: @lovejuliamarie
Vintage shop handle: @love.vintageshop

Stay tuned for our next Vintage Talks


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