VINTAGE TALKS #4 ... with @matildadjerf

Bonjour everyone!

Welcome to our fourth "Vintage Talks".

This new episode has me particularly over the moon.
I am stoked and grateful to be interviewing Swedish sweetheart and absolute style inspiration: Matilda Djerf
Yes, you read that correctly: Matilda Djerf.

I started following Matilda when she and boyfriend Rasmus were travelling the world and have had established themselves in Australia.
I immediately clicked with her vibe: the retro and modern feeling emanating from her pictures, her personal style mixing vintage finds and edgy laid-back pieces.

But what kept me going was her sweet heart and personality
Yes Matilda has a big heart. Those who know and follow her for quite some time might have picked on that.
And for those of you who don't, now will be the time.

Starting as a blogger/Instagram influencer, Matilda has grown into being a successful model through numerous campaigns and creative partnerships; into a role model thanks to her openness on various deep issues, and until recently, into a successful ethical business owner. Less then one year ago in December 2019, did she launched her own clothing brand "Djerf Avenue".

Read on to discover more about her take on vintage fashion, balancing professional and personal life and other interesting subjects.

1. Hi Matilda I’m so thrilled to have you here with us for our fourth “Vintage Talks”! You’re a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to many. You’re extremely close and caring to your community and it’s amazing to see. 
What timeless values in life or mantra do you stand by?

I’ve always been taught to listen to my gut and let that be the center of my decision making. For me, family and nature has always been the core of my energy and where I go if I need to recharge.


2. How do you balance social media, owning a new business and your personal life?

To be honest, I sometimes don’t. I feel like that is something I am constantly trying to improve. I prioritize time with my family and when I get to spend time with them I make sure to put all of my work aside, I make sure to get things done prior to spending time with them. That way I can let work go and just be in the moment.

We recently got an office and that has been a key point in me finding balance, having actual work hours now makes it so much easier to separate work and private. We have worked from home for 4 years and I would often find myself never taking breaks or working into the night. I think it’s important to remember to not forget to take care of myself in the middle of my busy schedule.


3. Now let’s talk a bit about vintage and style. You’ve launched your brand “Djerf Avenue” less than one year ago. How would you describe its aesthetics and mission? What was your main inspiration when founding it?

Having my own clothing brand has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. The first thing I knew I wanted was ethical production. Before I knew what I wanted to design I knew I wanted to produce it in Portugal. As for designs, I knew I wanted to create pieces that are timeless and that womxn all over the world feel comfortable and confident in. I never wanted to create pieces because its a current trend, I believe in items that work season after season

4. Your personal style is comfy, colorful, trendy yet timeless. I’m hooked on it! What are four vintage staples you cannot live without?

Ahh vintage blazers will forever be my favorite thing on earth. So a full suit, trench coat, and jeans!


5. Is there a vintage piece you’re dying to get your hands on one day?

Ohhh, maybe a Birkin bag!  


6. What is your favorite vintage era? Why? 

This is unfair haha! There are too many. I get so much inspiration from the 90’s, of course. Models off duty in the 90s is something else. But I also get so much inspiration from interior design back in the days. 

7. What is the vintage scene like in Sweden? What are 3 of your favorite shops there?

In Stockholm its amazing! I love a store called Humana, you can find amazing pieces for great prices. Siv and Åke is a small store on Södermalm that has a lot of great Levis. Also Stadsmissionen has treasures if you’re up for a hunt!
Anything from glasses to shoes.


8. What have you been most proud of learning lately?

I am always reading and learning about sustainability. How to be more sustainable in my work but also in everyday life. As to what I’m proud of learning lately, maybe that my mental health is more important than saying yes to everything just because I want to please people.

9. What advice, based on your personal experience,  would you offer to other girls, regarding starting a business, finding your style, owning your uniqueness?

To be a little naive and follow your gut! I think that got me to where I am today, and my support system. I didn’t know how many obstacles would come when creating my own brand, if I did I would’ve probably been scared off haha. As for my influencer job, making sure you’re following your own path instead of others. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, there is only one of you out there so embrace your uniqueness instead of being scared of it


10. What are your dreams and plans for the near future?

My dream is to have Djerf Avenue pop ups around the world, to connect with my online family more! I’d love to meet everyone in real life and just sit and chat about life. 


Et voilà!
So, what did I tell you?

Total sweetheart!!

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Stay tuned for the next journal entry, and in the meantime have a look at our newest vintage arrivals.


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