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VINTAGE TALKS #3 ... with @mummt

Bonjour everyone!

Welcome to our third "Vintage Talks".
For this new episode, I am so happy to introduce Mabinty.

Mabinty is the style queen behind the uber cool and laid-back Instagram account @mummt.
Her style is the striking result of 1990's comfort and vibe, sprinkled with the perfect amount of sleek chic.
Most of the pieces she owns have been thrifted, giving her outfits that trendy, on-point yet timeless feel.

Read on to discover more about her and her love for vintage/second-hand fashion.


  1. Hello Mabinty! Welcome to this third episode of “Vintage Talks”! I’m so thrilled to have you here with us, to talk about vintage fashion, style and inspiration among other things.
    But first of, I will let you introduce yourself.

Hi! First, thank you so much for having me! I'm really thrilled to be doing this. 

Okay so, my name is Mabinty, turned 28 this year and I live in Germany. I have a degree in Psychology and have started a career in advertising ever since finishing Uni. This has led me to my current position as a Social Media Manager, working in agencies and firms. That’s what pays the bills. 

My Passion has always revolved around 3 areas: fashion, music and film. Through Instagram and YT I am actually able to pursue the fashion and film part. Hence, I do wanna play with it way more in the future.


2. Where does your love for vintage come from? 

Uhhh, from my family for sure. I was just realizing this recently, I’ve been doing this way longer before Instagram introduced me to the word “thrifting”.
It used to be a tradition in my family to go to the flea market every Sunday, since I was maybe 10. We would barely all go together, but 70% of the time it was me and my dad and the 30% me and my mom. I have to admit though that buying clothes wasn't on my list at that time, but mainly DVDs. 

My interest in thrifting clothes came when I first accidentally found a suede leather jacket in my mom’s wardrobe and it ended up from being borrowed to being added on to my wardrobe; it took completely off when I discovered the flea market in London, Notting Hill (Portobello road market) in 2015, and took a whole other level when I moved to Berlin in 2018.

Ever since, I've been thrifting 60-70% of my wardrobe. Now I wake up on sunny weekends craving a stroll on the flea market. 


3. How would you describe your personal style? What is your favourite outfit combo?

I would say my style is a mixture of playing it safe aka being and feeling as comfy as possible and  a hint of something "exciting": edgy shoes, an extremely oversized outwear, a funky bag or a bold color piece.

I am however always going for a seemingly effortless look.

2 favourite outfit combos of mine would be:

1) a fancy or sexy dress with combat boots /thigh high flat boots or chunky white sneakers, and
2) vintage jeans, silk blouse, oversized masculine leather jacket/blazer and mules...

Since a year I´ve also been keen with wearing things that flatter my body shape.

4. What is the thrifted item you are the most proud of? Do you have a vintage/second-hand piece you’re dying to get your hands on?

EVERYTHING I own from my mom, which would be a silk top, a gooorgeous Kimono from India, her rings from India, another silk blouse.
My mom is way taller than me, otherwise I would own way more from her :D

I'm also very proud of my small collection of vintage Adidas, Nike and Fila tees and jumpers, my very oversized vintage leather jacket I got this year and my super oversized shearling coat I got last year. A second-hand shearling jacket/coat has actually been on my wishlist for a long time.

Another item on my wishlist is a pair of vintage squared thigh high 70s boots…man that would be just a dream.


5. You live in Berlin, Germany. Tell us about the vintage scene over there; what are 3 of your favorite brick and mortar vintage shops?

It´s huuuuuge!

First of all you have like, I don't know, 5 Humana stores over here (probably even more). Humana is the most reasonably priced thrift/charity shop I´ve encountered so far! One of the stores (the one near Central Station) is massive, it’s literally a thrift mall.

Next we have Pick n' Weight and Made in Berlin, both definitely very pricey, but those are the places you are very likely to find everything that is currently trending. There is also this small designer second-hand store where I used to live (Prenzlauer Berg), called Soeur. That place is heaaaaven, and some pieces are affordable too. I even think it might have been one of my fav stores ever.

And of course the flea market scene is also massive in Berlin, however I do only like the smaller, local ones and not so much the touristy ones. They're just a rip off and hence stripped of the original flea market spirit.

But yeah, holla at me for more recommendations ;)


6. We’re slowly starting to get into fall. Tell us which vintage pieces you feel you’ll be wearing during this cooler season?

I have these pinstripe, wide leg wool trousers that always give me this “effortlessly chic boss Babe vibe”, my chocolate brown leather pants form Humana, and well its finally leather jacket season for me.

7. How do you wish the vintage scene to evolve?

I honestly don't really want it to “evolve”, I feel like if it does, it's just going to miss the original point and spirit and become more like corporations, if that makes sense.

But I wish more and more people will continue getting excited to hunt for unique pieces to add onto their wardrobe rather than to chase after seasonal trend pieces. Nothing wrong with that tho. I still do it myself, from time to time. But thrifting is waaay more fun, exciting and feels so much better.
You just never know what you might find.


8. What are your plans for the upcoming months?

I'm finally moving into my own apartment after having spent the last 2 years in shared housing situations. I'm over the moon and for the first time ever excited for winter.

I cannot wait to decorate the place and to have that much more space also to be playing around with my content. So definitely keep an eye on my Instagram channel @mummt ;)


Et voilà!
Hope you enjoyed discovering Mabinty's style and universe as much as I did.

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And stay tuned for our next Vintage Talks

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