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VINTAGE TALKS #2 ... with @thenxcvintage

Bonjour everyone!

For this second "Vintage Talks" I am thrilled to have Avry with us; the talent behind the magical Instagram account @thenxcvintage.

If color was created for someone, it was definitely for Avry.
Her space is remarkable. It's like a colorful cure for the eye and the soul.
Perfectly curated, it instantly puts you in a good mood.

Her way of seeing life in vivid tones is contagious.
So don't get too much surprised if after reading her interview you find yourself chasing vibrant hues too.
Well everyone, welcome to colorful fun clothes paradise.


  1. Hi Avry, I’m so happy to be welcoming you for this new "Vintage talks" portrait. We’re all dying to discover a little bit more about you and your colorful universe! So please, I'll let you introduce yourself.

Thank you so much for reaching out to me!
I love doing interviews and answering any questions. Sometimes my life can be a bit of mystery, haha.

I’m 27 and born and raised in North Carolina. I’m married and living in a tiny but super colorful townhome in the city.
Right now, I work a full 9-5 job and have my vintage shop* on the side where I hand-pick and curate vintage clothing that’s inspired by my own personal wardrobe. That really takes up a lot of my free time and I love it! I travel as often as I can even if it’s just road trips. I love spur of the moment vacations and time away to reset.

* @nxcvintageshop


  1. How would you describe your personal style? And what is your favorite outfit combo?

My personal style is just fun! I love wearing colors and mixing colors together. I love prints or over the top dresses. Think childlike but magical fairy vibes all at once!

Right now, I’m so into wearing dresses. They’re so easy to style with sandals and an oversized bucket hat.
My style changes during the Fall/Winter!


  1. What pieces or era do you find yourself naturally gravitating towards?

I really love the 70’s style but 80’s colors! They are both so much fun to wear together.


  1. How do you usually shop for vintage? Do you mostly follow crushes? or do you tend to be inspired by a silhouette you saw, and then activate your vintage radar to find the second-hand version of it?

I totally get inspired by just seeing items in person!

I don’t build any mood boards or have a specific list of things I’m looking for.
I hunt and see something then totally get inspired.
When styling pieces from my personal closet I love mixing old with new.
When styling pieces from my shop I love showing people how easy it is to style vintage multiple ways.

I’ve NEVER thrifted something and worn it just once. My advice to newbies in the thrifting game is build a mood board because at first you can get totally lost!


  1. You live in North Carolina, USA. Tell us about the vintage scene over there; what are 3 of your favorite brick and mortar vintage stores?

So, I will honestly say that I live in a city that doesn't have that many vintage store options.
I only shop at one chain of stores which is: Value Village.
I know as a vintage shop owner that’s insane, but fortunately I have so much luck while shopping there.

  1. Tell us a bit more about NXC vintage shop, your colorful and vibrant vintage online store.

I love answering how this got started!

NXCV launched in February 2019.

After a year of contemplating and then pushing it off. I finally grew courage to start a new Instagram page and promote my business. I listed things to Poshmark and Instagram at first. After that I grew to Depop and after that Etsy. Now I’m just selling on Esty and Instagram.

At the very beginning I sold things that were very different from my personal style. More neutrals and solid pieces. I then started growing a following on my personal page and realized people really loved my own style so I figured I would start to sell items I didn’t keep while thrifting.

I enjoyed playing dress up in colorful items and showing people a sustainable way to stand out at a great price! When hunting I look for anything that stands out: bright colors, prints, pastels, & anything fun. At the time I started this, I didn’t see too many vintage shops with colorful items, so I thought this was my perfect time to run with it. I did it and a lot of people caught wind and it’s been amazing ever since!

  1. What usually sparks your creativity?

Anything! Old tv shows or movies. Traveling. Pinterest. Conversations. People I follow on social media, etc.
I believe inspiration is all around you. There will never be just one source I pull from.


  1. What are your plans for the upcoming months?

I would really like to go part time at my 9-5 job so I can put more time and focus on my vintage shop and personal life. Other than that, I try not to plan too far ahead!


Et voilà! Hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did!

Follow Avry on social media:
@thenxcvintage and @nxcvintageshop

And stay tuned for the next "Vintage Talks", coming up very soon! 


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