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Mother Nature colors - blue

Blue, like the ocean.

Quite nothing can compare to this moving salty energy.
Big Wata is a master that has so many lessons to teach.
On how it can calm itself after the storm...
On how the perpetual melody of its waves can heel the soul...
or on how it fuels lives both below the surface and on land.

As one once said, during the first nine months of our lives, water was our first home; hence going back to it is a way to reconnect. Reconnect with ourselves and our Mother: Mother Nature.

The ocean is a blessing we're so lucky to enjoy. It's a call waiting for us to pick up.
Yet, some are deaf to it, while others take delight in every single ringtone. Every time. So Amen to the watermen and water women of this world.
Surfers, divers, free divers, scientists, sailors, fishermen, kitesurfers and all big wata lovers.

So in honor of the greatness and almightiness of the underwater world, let's enjoy some of our favorite salty pics.
And please, remember to love and care for this home, 'cause if the ocean dies, we all die (Paul Watson - Pirate).


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